All Telangana RTA services vehicle Registration /driving licence

Telangana RTA services: vehicle Registration Process & status/reservation of vehicle number/transfer ownership process /RC Renewal process.

Multiple Working of Telangana RTA to the Users

The registration process of any vehicle is very easy in Telangana RTA, which is use to fulfil the features of the particular process for certain procedures. The registration authority is used for the process to proceed further with the entire process involved in the scheme of various useful techniques.

List Of All Telangana RTA Services Available In Online

If you like to enjoy you’re driving in the Telangana, then you want to get services from RTO. They will help you to drive your vehicle safe and easily without meeting any difficulties. In the fast-moving world, use of the vehicle has been increased due to its demand and needs.  Now, the services are available in online, so people don’t travel long for these services.

The Telangana RTA services include registration of the vehicle and driving license and many other RTO services are available in online.  Due to this facility, people can easily access the services through online. The services will become easier than earlier to the people because the services will available in online. If you like to get a driving license, you don’t apply directly, simply apply through online. Through this way, people can save money as well as time. Apart from that, the services are available in the online that the people can apply through online.  The list of the online Telangana RTA services is available in different categories such as for vehicles and for driving license.

  1. Driving License LLR & Permanent Yellow
  2. Vehicle Registration Process at RTO online
  3. Vehicle ownership transfer
  4. NOC From RTO Office
  5. Insurance Renewal tips (3rd party & full) & car insurance
  6. NOC From Bank /financier

List of services for driving license:

These are an essential services need for the driving license. Therefore, use this facility to get your expecting services through online

List of services for vehicle:

Telangana RTA services provided to users and the services are provided separately for vehicles. It may be any vehicle such as bike, car, van and much more, these services are highly useful for you.

  • Vehicle owner change
  • NOC from
  • RC renewal
  • Duplicate RC
  • Objection forms cancellation
  • Hire purchase agreement
  • Address change
  • Hire purchase termination

These Telangana RTA services are available in online. If you like to get one of these services, simply log in the official website and then get the services within a few clicks of a button. Apart from that, the services also facilitate applicant can apply from home. When you selecting the services from a list of services after few seconds the applicant can receive an SMS that contains time and date you have to go RTO office. Apart from that, the SMS also includes the information on what the documents or proofs need to carry when you going RTO office.  After completing the procedures in the RTO office then you want to pay fees through any convenient way like net banking.

The requirement to register a vehicle at TS RTO:

  • Form-20 is the must at the time of initiating the process.
  • The form-20 is the proof, which is signed by the financier.
  • Form-20 must be original copy whereas form-21 is required with the duplicate copies.
  • The dealer will issue an invoice to you and at the time of registration, you must need that copy of the invoice.
  • An insurance certificate is required with the duplicate copy.
  • Receipt of the payment of tax.

How to reserve the registration number for the vehicle in Telangana?

The reservation number for the vehicle is base on the process of the alphabetical order and also by the person, who registering it. There are two forms of reservation for the vehicles are available and that are fancy number registration or person who needs the number very urgent.

Requirements for fancy number registration in TS RTA:

  • At first application form for the special number is required – Form RRMA.
  • Receipt of tax payments.
  • If already register the number means, they can provide that proof.
  • The particular lists are listed on the notice board which you must provide your number with the ® symbol. That symbol is indicated as the reserved numbers in the particular important process.
  • According to the act of APMV rules and regulations, one has to pay a special fee to transport service to get the special numbers. So demand draft is required to use a special number.
  • There are also special timings are there to invest the money in the drop box before 2.p.m.

Requirements for tatkal:

  • You must provide more proof as much as you can to get the number immediately.
  • RRMTA form is used to get the number.

Registration certification (RC) renewal Telangana:

  • Category of the non-transport process with the application filled with form-25.
  • An insurance certificate is mandatory.
  • Provide the original RC to renew it, in order to make your vehicle allow in the city.
  • Receipt of tax payment.
  • As per the rules, green tax application must be provided

Driving license renewal no need to take test ride vehicle.

Legal Telangana driving license cost for 4 & 2 also 3 wheeler. 100 Rupees for Learner license and 524 Slot and test courier charges.

So 624 is the final & legal price getting 4 wheeler license in Telangana.

Learner license booking website.

permanent licensed booking page for a test ride.

Telangana driving licence application process & status.

Telangana High-security Number plate status

Number Plate (vehicle registration Number) Reservation Process:

legally price range from 5,000 to 50,000 (for 4 digits same fancy number).

  1. anyone can reserve the numbers by paying 1000 Rupees.
  2. Applicants must download the form RRMA and fill the details.
  3. vehicle invoice details, payment Details through DD,
  4. Vehicle TR Number, Re-registration Number any.
  5. Address Proof must be attach

Documents required

  1. Invoice of the vehicle from showroom
  2. Address proof
  3. VVehicle TR Number COPY
  4. DD demand Draft

Rule 81 of TSMV Rules, 1989.


  • No online application & we don’t know exact processing time.
  • only we have to drop the Application into the DROP box at RTO Office after 1 PM.

Telangana RTA Services Online

  • Driving License We can apply book a slot learning license by paying 99 Rupees.
  • We can book a test ride after 30 days of LLR with the fee 524 (we can driving license in 600 + Rupees only for any vehicle.
  • Vehicle Registration & Number Plate: After issuing the TR number by Dealer we can book a slot for Permancevehicleile registration at free of cost to RC at RTO office.
  • Renewal licenses, Renewal Registration certificate, NOC, tax payment and other details available online.

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