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Know More about Android Version 6.0

In the ancient days, the mobile phone doesn’t familiar to every individual. And it’s basically used to make a call and some messages only. But, in the modern generation, the majority of the individual uses the mobile phone as a Smartphone. When the Smartphone approaches in the world; the entire people addict to use the mobile phone. The Smartphone meets the entire requirements in a single device and do a lot without wasting time or any cost. Day-by-day, the Smartphone’s usage are increasing in their count to meet their needs.

The main reason is Android version; to engage every individual to use the Smartphone for a long time. The initial version of the Android begins with cupcake as 1.0 in the level 1. Then the update of this cupcake changes to donut as 1.5 at the third level. After some changes were made in the Android version, then the entry of Gingerbread is more popular and well reachable Android operating system.

The users ease to use the mobile in certain period without any issue while operating the phone. And some drawbacks were present in the following Android version, and then the entry of ice-cream Sandwich is slight gains the popularity of using this version 4.0 to 4.0.4. After some updates in the Android version 5.0, now the users more sophisticatedly using this most updated Android version 6.0.

What is the Latest Android version?

  • Nougat Android 7
  • Marshmallow Android 6
  • Lollipop Android 5
  • KitKat Android 4.2
  • Jelley bean Android 4.1
  • Ice cream sandwich Android 4.0
  • Android 1 first version honeycomb, ginger bread,Donut,eclair.froyo,

Android Kernel built in Linux. Apps made using Java.

Features of Android version 6.0:-

The Android version 6.0 is named as Marshmallow. Here some features of Marshmallow Android version. The highly advanced Smartphone’s meet this Marshmallow version that provides the user to access the available features.

  • The first feature is a classy user interface and ease to access with a single touch.
  • The simple shortcuts such as settings, navigation and notifications shade.
  • The best in lock screen with the new update of voice commands to unlock your screen.
  • Voice search through the internet with four different colors processing in the display.
  • Increase the battery life through the customized battery icon.
  • Ease to integrate with Google.
  • The users can control more with their desired way of accessing way of Android apps.
  • Doze feature to save battery life standby around two weeks.
  • Efficient animation that gives an enhanced touch display.
  • Supports reverse charging as USB type-C.
  • Effective to use the microSD support with an adaptable storage device.

  • Increased phone performance through RAM manager.

Andriod OS 6 version Supported devices:

  1. Lenovo K3 Note.

How to Update to the latest android version from your Phone?

  1. Go to Settings>>About Phone>> system Update>>enable wifi /data connection.
  2. That checks Available updates for your phone. If available then try to download and latest Android version through the Wifi network.
  3. Default storage Device/SD card data will rewrote by the update. make sure to backup your phone to PC or external SD card.

Google will update Android version and upload their server.

Then mobile companies remodify that for their supported devices.intimates users by push notification.

at present android 4.2 KitKat used by 60-70% of the android devices.

Andriod OS Download 6.0 marshmallow Latest version

You can download Android OS from android official website’s marshmallow download page.


How install android OS on windows PC /laptop?

Android SDK tools available for Windows, MacOS, Linux. Just go to developer page and download the SDK tool. Android Studio can upgrade to marshmallow version from windows PC.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow SIZE is 1610 GB or 1.6GB.

install apps on sd card marshmallow

  • Insert sd and then select format as internal,
  • Then Backup your SD data.
  • Reloading sd card details ,not works,and also reinserting sd card cause the problems
  • set sd card as default storage android 6
  • Setting preferred installation location
for marshmallow version installing apps on SD card not available. it can automatically choose preferred storage either SD or internal phone memory (only you formatted sd as internal memory).

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