Bill gates house

Bill gates house

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates happens to be one of the richest men in the whole World, his net worth is estimated to be around $83.9 billion. This richest American possesses the richest house called as the Gates Mansion. The Washington estate is also named as Xanadu2.0 and the Bill Gates house worth is estimated to be around $63 Million. The house is extravagantly built over a huge area of 66,000 square feet is absolutely lovely and great. The wealthiest person Bill gates is the proud owner of the insanely massive big home.  The house was built over a period of seven years and this home is said to be the heaven for the owner.

Bill gates house and car

The Bill gates house also called the Gates mansion is a huge mansion which overlooks Lake Washington at Medina, Washington. The house is built over a huge area of 66000 square foot; this mansion is mainly noted for its design and the technology that is incorporated in it. The house is nicknamed as Xanadu2.0. The massive mansion property tax alone accounts for $1.063 million dollars. The worth of the house during July 2015 was $154286409. The guest house of the Bill gates house is also high tech as its main house. For building the activities house one of the old homes was removed to accommodate the same. The home theatre will be able to accommodate 20 guests in plush seats.

Apart from getting fascinated with the electronic device and poverty alleviations, Bill gates are too fascinated with the vehicles. The Bill gates house and car are his greatest possessions. Even though there are many cars with Bill gates it is believed that he is too inclined towards the Porsche cars – in fact, he owns three of such cars which he is too crazy of. His favourites are the Porsche 911 Carrera, Porsche 930 and Porsche 959 coupe. Bill gates love fast cars and are proud enough to posses some of the best fastest cars of the world.

Bill Gates house technology

The Gates mansion is a collaboration of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and Cutler Anderson Architects. The Architects website will however not disclose the images or details of the mansion due to privacy and security reasons.

Bill gates house technology is a modern design that has classic features like a private library, dome-shaped roof, Oculus and also an estate-wider server system. There is a 60-foot swimming pool with underwater music system, 2500 square foot gym, 1000 square foot dining room and driveways with heated floors. The earth sheltered house adjusts the temperature, music, and also lighting automatically. The high-tech sensor system designed in the house will automatically adjust as per the guest’s likes.

The building technology is design in such way that it will utilize the natural surroundings to reduce the heat loss. There are 6 kitchens overall and the greatest feature is that one can change the artwork of the walls with remote. The trampoline room has a 20-foot ceiling and the exercise room includes a sauna, men and women locker room and steam room.

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