Black Friday 2016 25th Novemebr

Emphasize the Shipping Ideas for Black Friday

The black Friday is one of the funniest days, where most of the people want to shop either via online or through direct shopping. During the time of the online process, shipping plays the major role where the people will get their products which have ordered only after the shipping. E-commerce will also basically useful for the process that can be served with the effective services that have been well developed.

While the prospect of such a protracted high-volume shopping period may be daunting, there is an upside—a month or more of holiday shopping traffic provides ample opportunity for testing. Testing during the holiday can help you drive increases in revenue, of course, but it can generate insights into customer behaviour applicable to the entire year, too. There are certainly great ideas are available for the process of emphasizing the shipping process. The best key ideas are

  • Order Volume vs. Order Size
  • Long vs. Short Path to Purchase
  • Browsers vs. Buyers
  • New vs. Returning Shoppers
  • Shipping Savers vs. Shopping Procrastinators

Order Volume vs. Order Size:

When it comes to eCommerce, the perennial challenge is balancing the number of orders with the size of each order. Here you can test particular process and also one can get back with the learning process.

Long vs. Short Path to Purchase:

Typically, product description pages feature a prominent “add to cart” CTA button. To test motivation to purchase, add a “quick checkout” CTA—which would allow the shopper to move directly from a product description page into the checkout funnel—to one variation.

Browsers vs. Buyers:

The reality of online retail is that it has, for many people, replaced traditional window-shopping. A significant portion of traffic is made up of shoppers conducting research, killing time, or browsing out of curiosity. These browsing shoppers are not without value, however; such behaviour builds brand awareness and affinity and can influence later purchase.

New vs. Returning Shoppers

During the holiday season, many shoppers make several purchases across many sessions. The needs of these shoppers on subsequent visits may be very different than those of completely new shoppers. This creates an excellent opportunity for testing.

Shipping Savers vs. Shopping Procrastinators

Free shipping is the classic incentive used to encourage purchase. It’s a powerful tool that can have a dramatic impact on both total orders and average order value. But during the holiday season, saving on shipping is the sole motivation for shoppers.

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