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E-Filing of Income tax Return and Its Procedures

In general, taxes in India are of two types and that types are the direct tax and the indirect tax. Direct take is like the ordinary income tax and wealth tax etc. which will put its entire burden on the directly on the people who are paying the tax. But when it comes to the indirect taxes, it is like VAT and service tax where the entire burden will be put on the third party. The people who are earning more than lakhs must pay the tax to the government. If they refused to pay the tax means then it will be turned into the black money.

About Income Tax Return:

  • The income tax is the term which is a common word when everyone uses it at the time of paying income taxes.
  • This is basic the way where we move forward to pay the tax to the government.
  • The person who must pay the income tax is the one who earns the maximum amount of around Rs. 1, 50,000 per annum.
  • It is the rule which has been traditionally followed by the government.
  • According to the act of income tax in the year of 1961, the person who was earning more the limit which has been provided as the maximum will be extra charged according to the rule which has prescribed.

About income tax e-filing:

  • Here the internet plays the major role in the process of filing the income tax returns by electronically through the internet. This known as the e-filing.
  • Digital signature is the must for every process in order to find whether the process takes place in an authorized manner or not.
  • Here when it comes to the e-filing, the digital signature is optional and it is not mandatory.

To benefit the people who are paying the taxes, the income tax department is very careful to support e-filing of income tax returns by all the people who pay the tax. The benefits for the taxpayers are

  • Filing accept at anywhere and anytime
  • Queues are no longer
  • There is no need for personnel interface
  • Processing will be faster
  • The data will be returned accurately.

Three ways are possible to return the file electronically:

  • E-filing is possible through the e-return intermediary.
  • Efiling is possible with the digital signature.
  • E-filing is possible without digital signature.

How to file Income tax online @ incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in

  1. First of all, visit incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
  2. and then search for Income tax return form (select which appropriate forms for your income type),
  3. Download Excel or Java utility Java utility easier than excel utility.
  4. In java fill the details and cross check same details in FORm -16, Form 16 A & B, Form 26AS too.
  5. Also, you can save as XML file with java utility, later you can upload with login.
  6. incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in login URL available at the end of the top navigation bar.
  7. After a successful upload, you can also get an Acknowledgement or receipt and it is automatically sent to your registered Email ID.
  8. In case, of you didn’t use digital signatures online then you have to download the Tax return receipt ITR V and Send it to income tax office.
  9. In case, if you use digital signature you don’t need to send offline use.
  10. you can also link Aadhaar card Number to your ITR V .

Step by step E-filing process from https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in portal

Frequently asked questions.

  • how to upload XML income tax

To upload XML File to income tax India website. you login / registration. after successful login/registration, you can upload to incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in.

Please verify with your tax advisor or chartered account before you filing income tax return online. also, users are advised follow other references from google.