E-kalyan Jharkhand scholarship

E-kalyan Jharkhand scholarship

The Welfare department of Jharkhand has opened this electronic site called as the E-Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship wherein the backward class people and the various scheduled caste and scheduled tribe students will be able avail the various running schemes offered by the government through various ways. This is the site that takes a step to see that the candidates will be able to get the scholarship in a speedy and transparent manner. There are multiple scholarships offered like the e kalyan Jharkhand online scholarship and some of the main scholarships offered are the following:

Post matric – within state, post matric – outside state, Pre matric.

The students can avail for this scholarship as per the required norms and regulations.

E-Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship list 2013 – 2014

Basically not all candidates can apply for this scholarship, to avail this facility the following are the criteria:

  1. The student has to be from the Jharkhand site
  2. The student should be either a schedule caste or schedule tribe or from a backward class
  3. The students family income from all the sources has to be as per the prescribed norms – for schedule caste the income limit is two lakh and for the backward class the limit is one lakh.

Those who are not eligible for getting this scholarship include:

  1. Students other than Schedule caste, schedule tribe and backward class
  2. The income of the SC, ST, BC whose family income from all sources crosses the said limit of 1lac and 1lac respectively.

In case if the above criteria is fulfill the student will be able to avail the E-Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship.

E kalyan Jharkhand scholarship 2014-15 list

Normally the various documents that are supposed to be attached along for availing the scholarship are the following:

  1. Income certificate
  2. Caste certificate
  3. Bonafide certificate
  4. Mark sheet scanned copy of the last exam – self attested
  5. Passport photo scanned copy
  6. Filled in application form scan copy with signature of student and attestation of principle

After these formalities are done, there isn’t any need to send this application, you have to make this online application and take a print out of the same, have a hard copy of this application, fill the application form, take the concerned person signature, scan this on the system and upload the same using your login and password. Along with this you have to submit/upload the above mentioned documents and you will be able to avail the E kalyan Jharkhand scholarship.

E Kalyan Jharkhand scholarship 2015 – 2016

Interested students can apply for the E kalyan Jharkhand scholarship 2015 – 2016 online mode from the E kalyan Scholarship pre matric and post matric through the E kalyan Jharkhand web portal. Using this website the students will be able to apply online and also check the e-kalyan scholarship status. You can also get more information and updates from the official website of this scholarship site. The students have to be a SC or ST or BC to get this scholarship and they also have to fulfil the maximum income capacity to become eligible for availing the same.

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