Hidden Facts of the Eiffel Tower

Know About the Hidden Facts of the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the world’s wrought iron tower located in the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. It is designed and constructed by the engineer Gustave Eiffel; so the tower got the name as Eiffel. The construction of the tower started at 28, January 1887 and completed in 15, March 1889. Eiffel tower is one of the world’s tallest tower from 1889 to 1930. It is the most unforgettable monument to prolongs to provide a significant function in radio broadcasts and in television. It also considers as an architectural wonder as well as attracting more sightseer in the world.

Specification and facts about the Eiffel Tower:-

When the construction of the Eiffel Tower began to the head of Champs de Mars for a set of 300 artists, writers, architects, and sculptors to construct the tower. The construction of the gigantic height of the tower dominates the Paris region. The Eiffel Tower contains 18, 000 pieces of iron utilized to construct the tower. It was estimated particularly for the project and it made by the Eiffel’s company on the Paris. The wrought iron outline is arranged of four huge arched legs, the group on masonry piers that bend inward yet fixing in a one, tapered tower. The structure of the tower needed 2.5 million assembled bolts and 7, 300 tons of iron pieces.

To secure the tower from the components, workers painted each inch of the construction. Many paints required 60 tons of paint to pain entire structure of a giant tower. The tower has repainted since 18 times from the initial paint.

The costs to build the Eiffel Tower 7, 799, 401.31 French gold in 1889. The height of the tower is 1, 063 feet approximately 324 meters height from the base including an antenna at the peak. Without the presence of antenna, it has 984 feet as 300 meters. The construction of the tower slightly swing in the wind, but the sun rays affect the tower nature. The total weight of the Eiffel Tower is 10, 000 tons. There around 5 billion light bulbs on the Eiffel Tower. The travel of a single elevator with a whole distance of 64, 001 miles as 103, 000 kilometers in a year. The tower grows around 6 inches because of sun rays. The peak moves more 7 inches as 18 centimeters that away from the sun.

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