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GST Number: An Overview & Guide

A recently introduced and implementing tax system by our former Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Damodar Das Modi is Gods and Services Tax. It is levied on various goods and services we purchase for from online or offline stores, restaurants or any other places. Before the implementation of GST, all the dealers those who got registration under the law of state VAT have got TIN number. All of these unique TIN numbers were respectively given by the state tax authority. Coming to the service providers, Central Board of Excise and Custom (CBEC) allotted number for service tax registration. Since the GST establishment has taken place GST number has been also brought up.

Under the GST taxation system, an introduction to a single platform is done for all the taxpayers for purpose of acquiescence and administration. Here they will get the registration under a single authority. All of the businesses registered under the GST law would be assigned with a unique number which is GST number also said GSTIN number.

How to apply for GSTIN number?

Do you know that how one can apply for the GSTIN? It is part of GST registration process. Well, it is a fact that the unique number allotted to all the taxpayers under GST law is GSTIN number. Here I am with two of the points that can help you know how to apply for it:

  • Online GST portal;
  • GST Seva Kendra established by Indian Government.

Both of them can help you get the number in simple processes. Hence, you can simply find them convenient.

Check GST Number from GST portal

If you are looking for the GST number check it’s about few taps on your mobile phones. You can simply now access the GST portal that is available online and checks the number.

Since the number for GST is very common, there are many chances for it to be fake. You can GST number check them online now. First, check the GST number on receipts and then check that number online on GST website. Enter the captcha code and then press submit button. If the number is valid the name of the business will appear.

GST number search: online & easy

Do you want to search for the GSTIN? GSTIN is set for all types of businesses and this means that they are registered online on GST portal. Thus, they may appear when you search through its GST number search.

A GST number search is now easy and simple as you can easily search, check or verify it online. If you have any doubt regarding the number you can simply find them or verify them online. All you need to do is to open the site and enter the captcha code. After that click on submit, option and results will appear.

If you wish to check or verify the number, you can simply do it online. You may not worry about any type of fraud as various help-desks are available in order to serve you well.

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