GST Registration status

Guide to Check Your GST Registration Status

With coming of July 1, 2017, the central government of India has clear all the way for Goods and Service Tax (GST). It had been one of the most awaited tax reforms in the field of economy of India. It is one of the biggest indirect tax reform ever took place in India since its independence. The anticipation of GST became the talk of the town around the country. The introduction of GST was done to bring together state economies which would certainly result into growth of economy of the nation. Goods and Service Tax is a multi-stage, comprehensive as well as destination-based tax. It is applicable on goods that are manufacturing and selling and services which are available around the country.

The Goods and Service Tax has replaced many other indirect taxes such as Entry Tax, Octroi, VAT, Service Tax, Central Excise Tax, etc., which were already working in the country. Because of these several different tax laws, people often would face problems in paying them. GST has several advantages such as Online Simpler Procedure under GST, increased efficiency in logistics, regulating the unorganized sector, defined treatment for e-commerce, removing cascading tax effect, composition scheme for small businesses, and a lot more. There are around 160 countries which already practice GST. Three kinds of GSTs:

  1. Central GST (CGST): Collection is done by the central government;
  2. Integrated GST (IGST): Collection is done by the central government;
  3. State GST (SGST): Collection is done by the state government.

Checking The GST Registration Status:

When the government of India had launched this law for economic tax reform, there were many qualms among the small and medium business people. The doubts were mainly regarding what GST was actually and how it worked, and how could they enroll themselves into GST. For this purpose, the Indian government launched an online facility named GST Portal on its website www.gst.gov.in to ensure the smooth transaction system. This facility is mainly for the already existing Service Tax, Value Added Tax and Excise Taxpayers. You can get your provisional ID from your tax officer if you are an already existing dealer. Enrolling yourself and your business on GST portal and get the Application Reference Number is very easy. GST Portal basically acquires the data which has been provided by taxpayers and studies them for the smooth and strong foundation.

Steps To Enroll Your Business On The GST Portal:

There are several steps through which you can enroll yourself on the GST Portal. First, you will get a Provisional ID and password from the State VAT Department. Create a unique username and password using the previously given Provisional ID. Once you log in, file the enrollment application and upload all the necessary documents related to your business such as PAN number, Aadhar card number, bank account, bank name, address proof, etc. GST system will verify all the documents you have provided. If the information is satisfactory then Application Reference Number (ARN) will be given to you.

It takes around 15 working days to process the GST registration application. But you are free to check the status of your application through GST Portal any time you want. For this, you need to login yourself on GST portal, then go to ‘Service’, then ‘Registration’ and ‘Track Application Status’. Now you will see a box for entering the ARN you received while submitting GST Registration Application. After entering captcha code and clicking on ‘SEARCH’, you will know the current status of your GST registration application.

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