Hanuman Jayanti celebration 2016 news

  1. Hanuman Jayanthi

Hanuman Jayanthi celebrates 15th day of Chitra after Ugadi.

Hanumanji is one of the most revere gods and love as a discipline of Lord Rama. His birthday is celebrated on a special day which is known as Hanuman Jayanti. It is one of the important festivals of Hindus; even most of the people celebrate the festival in an effective way. Lord Hanuman is a symbol of energy and strength. He is able to assume any form at will, move mountains, seize the clouds, rival Garuda in swiftness of flight, and wield rocks and dart through the air. Apart from that, Lord Hanuman worships in people tradition deity with the ability to conquer evil spirits and magical powers.

Also known as an avatar of greatest Lord Rama and he is considered the God of power. Lord Hanuman also called by the many names such as Pavanputra, Mahavira, Maruti, and Bajrangbali. In this year the festival falls on 22nd April 2016, in past year the festival falls on 4th April, so the festival date is varying in each year. Moreover, Lord Hanuman was a selfless worker, an ideal and true karma yogi those who working without any desire.

Celebration of Hanuman Jayanti:

This is day especially celebrate for Lord Hanuman and his honesty and selfless services. In this day, all Hanuman temples become a lot of crowds as folks started with useful and effective puja from the early morning after the process of holy bath Lord Hanuman. This day celebrates with great enthusiasm by Hindu People with their religious. People are also celebrating the festival in their traditional and cultural way. In this day, people also apply red tilak to forehead and then read Hanuman Chalisa. Apart from that, people can also do Arati by songs and chant mantras. Lord Hanuman was born to the Vanara community having reddish with the orange color body; this is the main reason for all Hanuman temples are having reddish orange color Idol.

In Hanuman temples, some special pujas are organized and then celebrate it in the traditional form. The celebration of this special day indicates the balanced peace of the human fraternity with the incredible creature. This festival celebration has much importance to all people. In addition to, the celebration is most important for bodybuilders for enhancing their strength with Hanuman blessing. The devotees of the Hanuman always pray him for obtaining blessed with same for their future. Lord Hanuman is worshipped in many ways by his some meditates, devotees by repeating his name several times to get a lot of power.

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