hero bikes

In India many people depend on the most affordable mode of transportation – the two wheelers. The Hero bikes are the fuel-efficient bikes that are used as it gives more mileage and comfort to the rider. The Honda bikes are also highly popular here are they are fuel efficient,affordable, and stylish and are power packed too. Some of the most popular two-wheeler bikes don’t provide these features. Hero bikes 2015 model gives high mileage and is listed in the top bikes of the country.

The actual mileage will, however, depend on the way you ride, road condition, maintenance, pillion weight and tire pressure. The riding quality of the Hero bikes is awesome and they are simply superb when you ride them.

Hero I smart

The Hero I smart bike was launched in India and this bike features the most developed new technology. When you look at the Hero bikes price list you will come to know that the launching price of the bike is around Rs 47000 and this bike considerably attracted many people as it comes equipped with the green technology that will save fuel and also money, the bike will ideally be best for congested cities in India. The technology of the bike is in such a way that it will shut the engine automatically when it is in the idle-state and will turn it on when required. The vehicle powered with a 100cc air cooled four strokes comes with single engine and will give a maximum torque of 8.04Nm at 4500 rpm. The mileage of the smart bike is 92kmpl.

Bajaj bikes

The Bajaj bikes are the second largest motorcycle company in India. There are numerous ranges of bikes that are manufactured by the Bajaj Company in the two-wheeler section. The Bajaj Pulsar, Platina, CT 100 is some of their wonderful collections. There are also a huge ranges of upcoming collections list in the Bajaj model. To know the price of the vehicle you can look at the price list of their website. It is believed that the Bajaj bikes are going to launch the new Avengers by the end of this month. The Bikes from Bajaj are not only well known in the country but are also popular in the South East Asia, South Asia, Latin America and Middle East Africa.

Yamaha bikes

The Yamaha bikes are the bikes from the Yamaha motor company of Japan that manufacture high-class bikes. The YA 1 model was manufactured in 1955 and this was the 125cc bike. At present even though Yamaha Company is engaged in multitude of activities, their series of bikes are rising each year. There are many bikes from the Yamaha group and some of the bikes that are worthy to be mentioned are the FZ S V2.0, YFZ R 15, Fascino, FAzer and so on. The upcoming bikes from the Yamaha Company are Yamaha Ray 125 and Yamaha Delight. The expected release date is supposed to be at the early months of the 2016.

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