Icici credit card

Icici credit cards:

Icici credit cards are one of the best credit card providers in the industry. The amazing interest rates, benefits and fees made the icici credit cards to be best in the industry. Select the credit card that suits you and your eligibility criteria for the credit cards.

Types of icici credit cards:

Several credit cards are offered by the icici bank. Some of the most popular credit cards are such as.

  1. Icici coral credit card,
  2. jet airways icici credit card,
  3. platinum icici credit card etc.

Icici credit card Application:

You can also apply for the credit cards through the internet. Visit the bank website and then search the credit card option. After clicking the new buy products category of the credit card, you will get a list of available credit cards. The online application requires you to submit email ID and phone number.

Another method of icici credit card application is to visit the nearest branch of a bank. Visit the icici bank branch and ask for the credit cards option. Select the credit card that suits your need.

Even so, you can also contact the customer care number of icici bank. They will assign a relationship manager for you. He will tell you in detail about various available options and their benefits.

One more method is to contact through a third party online website or application. Input your contact details and then select the credit cards from the list provided on these websites. They will contact you back after reviewing your income profile.

Icici credit card Application status:

Once you applied for the icici credit cards, you will be assigned an application number. You can visit icici bank website and enter your application number. The website will show you the status of your application. You can even send SMS to the mobile number provided by the bank. The return SMS will provide you the status of your application.

Documents required:

The documents needed for the application of icici credit cards are KYC documents like your residence proof, your govt. identities, PAN card number etc. For the credit card issuance, you need to submit the salary statement, salary slip and form 16.

Icici credit card Fees:

The Joining fees of icici credit card range from free to few hundred rupees only. It also can be in thousands for the coral contactless icici credit card. Platinum credit cards are available with joining fees of Rs199.

Annual fees charged by the credit card are Rs99 to few more hundred rupees.

Interest charged:

On icici card you have to pay 2.5% to 3.9% Interest. The annualized interest rate will be 35 to 40%.

Icici credit card review:

After using the services of the icici credit card, it is found that the service provided by the icici credit card is one of the best experiences in the industry. The low-interest rates, joining fee and annual fees made them best options. The benefits, technical features, and customer care services are best in class. The overall experience by using the icici credit card is awesome and satisfactory for users.

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