Induslnd Credit Card

Enjoy The Cashback Offers In Induslnd Credit Card

Lifestyle can be changed with some happiest moment whether it is an expected financial growth in the everyone’s life. However, financial needs and savings in the bank are essential for every account holder. By this way, Induslnd Bank provides the distinctive credit card benefit to the every bank holder who have deposit amount up to 50,000. Credit card, an excellent way to get instant cash at any time and easy to swipe in your nearest shopping malls, hospital, and other public places.   Today, having the credit card in a reputed bank service is a backbone to your financial needs and it is perfectly matching your lifestyle. S Induslnd credit cards are offered with people’s convenience and other reward points really allow the users more beneficial.

Unique Benefits Of Induslnd Credit Card

  • Jet air ways promotion codes can be accessed by the induslnd credit cards, an email should be sent to your registered email id.
  • The card holder gets discount up to 100% while traveling by Jet Airways base fare
  • Get luxurious accommodation with all fine convention and suites across India
  • Relax and feel the comfort with attractive discounts when you are spending your time with some famous destinations
  • Feel free payments some emergency situations in certain clinic and Hospitals
  • Get excellent reward points with business and some other leisure activities up to 1.6. Reward points
  • Stunning features for Induslnd signature cards
  • The benefits of signature credit card from Induslnd is really great thing for every credit card holder
  • Get safe and signature auto assist offers like emergency fuel supply, emergency battery care, roadside repair, and other auto repairs etc.
  • Personal accident covers up to Twenty Five Lakhs
  • Credit card Reward Points in Induslnd
  • The best times comes in the people’s life at one time only, but the induslnd credit cards offer quick rewards with excellent benefits with redemption process. The transaction can be redeem by some process such as shopping; Air Miles on Partner airlines and Oberoi Hotels and resorts stay vouchers and cash credit.

Indusind credit card Eligibility And Documentation

  • The process of applying the credit card in Induslnd Bank now becomes very easy; you can apply for the credit card via some financial products website like Bankbazzar website. The documentation and eligibility can provide the satisfied thing to the credit card holder.
  • He or she must be eighteen years old
  • The account holder of the Induslnd Bank has to be Indian nationality
  • The applicant has to maintain good credit without any red flags


  • Address proof with permanent address
  • Identity proof like Aadhar card, voter ID, annual income, current bank details, PAN card,

How To Apply

  • With the help of BankBazaar website, the applicant can visit credit card section
  • He or she can also choose the category of card they wanted like shopping, travel, hotels, and other things
  • You need to check whether you are eligible or not by seeing the documentation and eligible proofs provided by the bank
  • When the eligibility section is over you need to click the “apply” button
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