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Power of internet cannot be underestimate, it is everywhere. In today’s world it has incorporated in the lives of people to a very deep level. Either be it a person’s personal life, his social life or his professional life, internet is everywhere in every aspect of his life. Increase in the use of portable gadgets like smart phone or tablets have increased the use of internet to dramatic level.

Internet has its advantages in its own way. If we specifically talk about money transaction either for business purpose or for personal use, we know how much popularity net banking or e-banking  has gained in short period of time. It is convenient, simple and safe. Just pressing some buttons one can make transactions of billions while setting in his cozy home or work place.

According to modern need, net banking is also a mandatory service that financial institution has to provide their customers. If a bank doesn’t offer this service then the probability of its remaining in the market for a long time is very low.


Vysya Bank Ltd., form in 1930 as one of the first private banks. In 2002 a joint venture between Vysya Bank and a global financial institute, ING, was form.  ING Vysya has currently owns more than 1,200 branches and it headquarter is situate in Bangalore.

On April, 2015 Kotak Mahindra Bank has acquired ING Vysyawith Rs. 15000 crore. Now all the transactions, including net banking transactions made by ING Vysvya customers are made through Kotak Mahindra Bank.

It is the same for the net banking. The existing account holder of ING Sysya Bank can do net banking through Kotak Mahindra Bank’s website or downloading their app in their mobile phones. By using their same ID and password they can also access their bank accounts, make the usual transactions and also avail the same benefits. For app, they have to first download Kotak bank’s designed app, in order to use their accounts.

Net Banking

Net banking is basically done in two ways, in either way, having a bank account is mandatory. In one way, firstly you have to visit the website of the respected bank; then create an account by using information that has given to the bank while creating an account in one of their branches. In the second way you download that was designed by the bank in your smart phone or tablet and use the functions that are given in the app.

In general there are many functions that you can perform through Net Banking, either by using any method.  But they mostly are for viewing your Accounts & Deposits, opening FD/RD, Funds Transfer, Bill Payment, Shopping etc. The total service that a user can avail through net banking could:

  • Checking Account Balance·         Recent transactions made·         Checking Transaction report between for a specified period and to email these transactions to your email id.·         Open Recurring or Fixed Deposits·         Transfers of funds·         Bill Payments – Phones, utilities, charities, insurance, etc.,·         Obtaining loans or making an investment.·         Online shopping·         Locate nearest ING ATM / Branch

ING Vysya Kotak Mahindra Net Banking  Toll Free Number (1800 425 9900)

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