What is my IP? how do you find the IP Address?

What is my IP Address?

The IP address is the internet protocol address that is numerically labelled and assigned to each of the device – system or printer. All these devices will participate in the computer network as it uses the IP – internet protocol for communicating. The IP address basically serves two main functions – host interface identification and locating the address. The internet protocol defines the IP address with its 32 bit number. Many users don’t know “how to find my IP address? The IP address is normally displayed and written in a human readable notion. IP location or address can be found out easily if you type of Google “What is my IP? And you will get to know the steps to find out how to find out what is my IP? With some simple steps you can get your IP address at your display.

What is my IP address for my router?

Your router will typically have two different IP location of address – Local area network – LAN which is used by you for your internal networking and the Wide area network – WAN that is used for connecting optimum online. When you enter your local area network or the LAN on your browser you will be able to access your router configuration page, but for this you may ask what my IP address for my router is? If you have not changed your default address or if this wasn’t the default address you can find the IP address for your router by adhering to the info given at your computer IP address. The router IP address gets listed on the default gateway. Thus my IP address for my router should be displayed within few seconds on your system with the above process.

IP lookup

With the IP lookup locator tool you can very easily trace the whereabouts of your computer or router, the name and the owner of the system or computer. If you don’t know what is my IP location or what is my IP address. Then simply install this IP lookup tool and get your query answered in few seconds. This tool is highly useful in many ways, when you get the IP address and location of any person you are searching for, you can stay away from fraud and cheaters. With the IP location you can know who is contacting you and from which country they are contacting you provided you get a mail from them. You can use the IP lookup tool locator and know the IP address and the domain.

What is my IP address and port number?

As stated earlier the systems and the applications are connected with the remote hosts with the respective IP address. So if you want to know “What is my IP address and port number? You can get the data transferred within no time. The computer IP address is analogous to the main office telephone number and the ports are its extension. With some simple steps you will be also able to get your IP address and port number.

Find your IP Address with google.

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