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History of the Navaratri Festival to Worship Your Preference God

Navaratri festival also calls as Golu. It mainly celebrates by the Hindu religious people. The specific god of Durga presents in the big Navaratri celebration. The big celebration of Navaratri goes up to nine days. In the nine days duration of the show of the new moon day is up to the ninth day. The rising Ashvin star is considered the most positive duration of the Hindu calendar and, therefore, the big event of the year. Though it has various names in various divisions of India. The Hindus from entire regions celebrate this festival.

From the celebration of this festival begins Kashmir in the north region of Tamil Nadu in the south region and from Gujarat region in the west to the Sikkim region in the east. It is well celebrate through great passion as the conquest of a good thing over the evil. Every region encloses its individual myths and some reasons to explain the celebration of Navaratri. There are nine various features of this Durga Devi god that the devotees worship the god over the upcoming nine days. These are the most prominent forms of the devotees worship the god.

History / Power of Durga Devi God:-

The gods such as Durga for the goddess beyond achieve; Bhadrakali the power of auspicious at the time; Jagdamba is the mother of the world; Annapurna provider of food more; Sarvamangala is the auspicious god; Bhairavi is for terrible, power of death and fearful; Chandi is for furious, violent, wrathful; Lalita for playful; and Bhavani is for provider of existence. The festival’s end on the final day of the tenth day, it also knows as Dussehra, Vijayadashmi or Dashain.

Navratri Puja

On the beginning day of this festival, grains of barley places in the God room of puja house. And a small growth of barley mud implant after the puja has been finished. Every day of this festival the holy water is spread out in the entire house space. On the final tenth day, the full growth of barley seeds growths is around 3 to 5 inches length. After the small puja, these grown seedlings haul and provide to the devotees as a god blessing. The modern recommends a bond to harvesting. The sowing and harvesting of barley are the sign of the first fruit. For the nine days, prior starting the battle journey, the kings prayed to different nine Durga’s to get the power to kill Ravana on the final day.

Vijaya Dashami / Dussehra 2016 date: October 11th, 2016 and September 30, 2017.

Navratri 2016 dates in April & October

Chaitra Navratri: April 8th -16th, 2016,

Sharad Navratri: October 1, 2016, to October 9, 2016.

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