Know the Basic Use and Features of Notepad++

Notepad++ is the next updated version of ordinary notepad. It is mainly used as a text editor for the Windows platform. It is more effective to the professional individual who needs to write source code and some others.

Features of Notepad++:-

  • Quick text: you can easily automate the difficult functions through this Notepad++.
  • It works on the Mac OS, UNIX and also on Windows platform.
  • It automatically saved the user unsaved files or other documents.
  • The accessible text encoding features like Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-16 encodings and ASC2.
  • You can easily replace and also find through regular expressions contains multi-line marking or summary of event and access to multiple documents.
  • The square selection can easily edit by the multiple lines at just once.
  • Simple data comparison with other data.
  • Easy drag and drop.
  • Synchronized scrolling and divided screen editing.
  • Zoom in and zoom out features.
  • It supports code folding and syntax highlighting more than 50 programming, markup languages and scripting.
  • It also includes the programming based features such as bookmarks, auto-completion for the subset of API for various programming languages.
  • Notepad++ also contains the macro execution and recording functions.
  • It automatically identifies the language given in the file uses, and using a variable list of document extension bindings.
  • It also manually fixes the current language file.
  • Easy auto detection of file status.
  • The indent guidelines for other tab-indented records.
  • Matching of tag highlighting for XML tags and HTML tags.
  • Matching of brace highlighting for square brackets and curly brackets.
  • Includes various tools like encoding conversion, sorting and text folding.
  • Easily customize the shortcut key mapping features.
  • Also Includes the user-defined languages for auto-completion and syntax highlighting.
  • It is marked for strong plug-in architecture that enabled plenty of latest features to be incorporated into the program.
  • It also includes text sorting, HTML, character case modification, quote handling, and CSS text sorting.
  • Notepad++ also supports for switching to limited language following as a solitary XML file.
  • Certain language supported by Notepad++ such as XML, JSP, Java, JavaScript, Fortran, INNO, MS-DOS, PHP, Python, Perl, Powershell, Pascal, SQL, TCL, VHDL, visual basic, Smalltalk, shell, and so on.
  • The spell checker needs Aspell and contains the FTP browser within the standard installation.
  • These entire features are completely helpful the individual to meet their requirements.

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