Ration card online application NEW /Renewal for married couple

Renewal of Ration Card after Getting Married

Nowadays in this modern world, it has become very easy to add a name to the ration card. Everything has become online nowadays and with that, you have to follow the certain easy step to renew your ration card after marriage. The renewal can take place by adding your spouse name into that ration card. Not only spouse, you can also add the name of your son or daughter in the ration card with few procedures through online. The main purpose of the ration card is to get all the products from the government in a very easy manner like cost-free or low-cost.

The ration cards are very important to the poor people who are suffering from poverty. In order to get all the benefits from the government, you must need the ration card. Ration card is also the best proof for you to prove that you are the citizen of India.

Having ration card is not the hard process, but you must renew the ration card at the right time. If not means, your ration card will get expired, so it is always best to renewing the ration card. At the time of renewal, you can also add your spouse name into that if you are the newly married couple. It is a very easy process because everything you can able to do it in online. You can also save the time if you perform that renewal process through online.

Steps to renew ration card with including spouse name:

  • Before adding your spouse name into the ration card, you must have the valid marriage certificate which is the one to prove that your spouse is eligible to add in your ration card.
  • You can get the marriage certificate in the register office by certain procedures which it consists of.
  • Initially before adding the name of your spouse in your ration card, you fill the application of deletion of your spouse name in their parents ration card.
  • After the deletion process gets completed, you can move further.
  • Fill all the details that you found in the online application as exactly what you have in original copies.
  • Delete the name and then submit the application form.
  • The deletion process will take two weeks to get complete.
  • After it’s over, then you can submit the form of including your spouse name in ration card.
  • After 3 weeks you will get the new or renewed ration card with your spouse name.

NEW ration card application Procedure

  1. First of all check the eligibility with concerned state
  2. Download the forms official ration card website fill the details submit it concerned department ex; revenue or civil supplies
  3. Track ration status online if approved you can download the ration card or get manually at MRO office.
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