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  1. Pay your tax at the right time through online TDS payment

TDS is a Tax Deducted Source which is used to collect the income tax. Any sort of premium covered under these terms. It is directed by the (CBDT) Central Board of Direct Taxes and one part of the Revenue department through the (IRS) Indian Revenue Service. It has great importance when makes the inspection of tax details. The government has provided the online facility to pay the premium in taxes through the online official site. The individuals who need to pay their tax amount through an official portal without difficulty.

The official portal already enhanced and not to occur any issues while paying tax amounts. The TDS is deducted through expenditure and income such as lotteries, premium or commission, salary, rent payment, etc. while making the premiums under these divisions, a percentage of the total premium is withdrawn through the source. This source, an individual or group is recognized as the Deductor. The TDS needs every individual have to pay their tax amount at the right time. The estimation of the tax begins in the financial year. The worker is liable for deducting tax amounts every month. If the employer fails to pay the tax after any problems occur he will charge for that.

Steps for TDS premium through online:-

Here simple steps that guide you to make your TDS premium through online. Just follow the below steps.

  • Open your desired browser with the internet enabled the device to access this procedure.
  • Enter the official site at https://onlineservices.tin.nsdl.com/etaxnew/tdsnontds.jsp in the address bar.
  • Now the home page of the site will display on the screen.
  • For their security purpose, you have to change the mode of unsafe on the page.
  • Then the site will open with many details for your e-payment.
  • You have to choose to an appropriate form on the site.
  • If you choose the Challan no. ITNS 281, the payment mode for the sale of the property as TDS.
  • Now you enter you TAN (Tax Deduction number) in the field.
  • The numbers will be valid with 10 digits.
  • After providing this detail, now the individual name will display on the screen.
  • Then click the assessment year on your right side.
  • Then give the basic details such as door no, city/district, pin code, email ID, state, area/locality, the name of property/premises/village.
  • Now select the mode of payment with two choices on the page.
  • Then choose an appropriate nature of payment on the options.
  • Choose the bank name in the field.
  • Finally, the security image text will present on the screen.
  • Type the correct letters in the empty box.
  • If the image is not clear to you; you can click the refresh button on the right side of the page.
  • Before clicking the proceed button to check once or twice whether the entered details are correct or not.
  • Because the issue will affect in the future.
  • After done checking the form, now click the proceed button to start your connection with the tax department.

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E-tax payment (TDS) online @ tin-nsdl.com

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