Telangana Driving License @ 625 Rupees application process & fee

Rules of Telangana RTO to Renew and Duplicate Driving License

In Telangana RTO there are certain rules and regulations are there to provide the driving license. There are certain steps and procedures of Telangana Driving License application form and also you can able to know its status. Here one can also able to duplicate their original driving license if theft or lost. Here also, renewal process of the driving license also takes place to take the further steps. According to the government rules, no one is allowed to run a two wheeler or four wheeler or any other vehicle without the valid driving license. Having a Telangana Driving License is the best proof for the person to drive the vehicle considered as an authorised person. After getting the driving license, it is valid for the particular period of time. If the expiration date has come means, then the user must renew their driving license.

How to get the driving license in Telangana?

TS New driving Licence application process: first of all apply for learner license online (some documents needed to submit at nearest RTO at the time of the exam.

  1. After 30days of learning exam (if you passed) you can apply for a slot to test ride.
  2. if you passed at Test ride you can get the permanent license within 7-15days.
  3. So you have too waited 30+7 or 37 days to get a driving license in Telangana.

driving license fees:

  1. 100 Rupees by challan at RTO centre like Malakpet Hyderabad.
  2. 525 for performance License/test ride.

Brokers may ask 2500-4000 for a driving license for an illegal computer exam and test ride.

TEST Ride pattern for 4 wheelers or Car will be 3 phases.

  1. S or Zig Zag Styles
  2. Two circles Rounded shape
  3. H Like symbol First you have to go front and then reverse into another Slot in H (don;t confuse at reverse gear and left or right back.
  4. Then go to exit Area.
  5. you can ride only in single gear.

For two-wheeler, we have to bring them. four wheelers already there by brokers /government.

The Procedure of renewing Telangana Driving License in TS RTO:

  • The Telangana Driving License holder must renew their lice after the expiry date.
  • Before the one month expiration of the license date, you must submit an application form of asking the renewal of your driving license to the RTO.
  • If the license expired around 5 years ago and applicant didn’t renew it yet. Then he have to apply for new license.
  • If the application for renewal is provided before the expiry date means, then you can get your renewed driving license with the effect from the date of the valid application that you have provided to the process of effecting.
  • If the application is provided after the expiry date means then fine will be charged for the each month of Rs. 30/-.

Telangana Driving License Renewal Documents

  • The original driving license of the user.
  • Application form number 9 need to fill out.
  • And the fee needs to be submitted.

When duplicate license needed?

  • If the license is lost or theft.
  • Proof of the license is destroyed.

Documents to get a duplicate license:

  • LLD form based on the application.
  • If the applicant is having the original license then it need to be submit.
  • Photocopies of users lost driving license photocopy if available.
  • The fee as per the charges applied.

Procedure to apply for a Telangana Driving License through the online in Telangana state

In general, a driving license is a one of an official document that states individuals may drive any kind of vehicle include car, bus and so on. In this modern world, several countries have a diverse law to getting or applying the driving license. If you or not a person can have a drivers license easily. In many places, a well-being should pass a driving test and then the officer is given a driver license for everyone. The two important things are applying for the driving license.

The first things are you can get learners license which is valid for only six months. The second thing is once getting LLR you can apply for the permanent license. And those people have to get that license on your hand to wait for at least one month.  Basically, LLR  is a restricted license which is given to individual those who us learning to drive, for the major purpose of learning about rules as well as regulations, traffic signals also and many others.

When you are applying for a learner license before you have to apply for the two forms. Basically, these forms are accessible at RTA office. Then, you will have to give some documents of address proof as well as age it is vital for things.  Here are the following steps to apply for an LL in Telangana.

Ways to get a learner license for Telangana:

When you are applying for the learner license before you can learn some basic rules for this driving. Then, you can get easily the license for your driving purpose.  You need to get the license and then simply to follow these below steps.

  • First of all, you will have to learn the fundamentals traffic rules as well as learn the basic signs also.
  • You can take demo tests of our free tests series for LL. It is consists of twenty wonders.
  • You need to get only 16 answers correct means and then you will surely to get this license.
  • The next step is you can apply for the online in LL and book a slot for looking in LL test.
  • Instead of applying through the online you can directly go to your RTO office and then apply however those who booked the slot from the online will obtain first priority over you.
  • You need to fill all the form correctly. Whether you are minor you need to fill consent application from your guardian.
  • You need to take LL test and if you pass the entire exam.
  • Finally, you will get the learners license for RTO office.

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