Top 10 Wifi Routers For Home Users

Top 10 Wifi Routers  For Home Users

Now, the internet is one of the essential for every people. Any household with broadband internet will have a router supplied by the reliable service provider. Wireless routers are everywhere nearly apartment, business, and home. It allows you to easily connect your computer to an internet service. By getting the broadband connection you will share data files through accessing of social Medias. However, wireless routers allow you to share media, stream video and music, and seamlessly connect every device in your house. If you want to stream music to your speaker, you just pick up the internet connection on the other side of your room.

All people take their home WiFi network for granted, by most of the households are facing a task that no-one enjoys their existing routers. It will be very slow, so you want to replace it immediately. Now there are many wireless routers are available at the market, you can find the best one from that. You can pick the router with high featuring and highly speed and it can satisfy you all needs. If you like to replace your existing routers for your home, then you want to consider the top 10 wifi routers and its features. From that, you can get your required featuring routers and its functions are amazing.

Find the best wireless routers:

There are many ways are available to find the best routers for your home. Finding routers is not a hard; make it simple by considering the top 10 wifi wireless routers.

Top 10 routers are like

  1. Linksys EA6900,
  2. D-Link DIR-868L,
  3. D’Link Ultra Wifi Router,
  4. Asus RT-AC3200,
  5. Netgear R6300 dual-band AC1750,
  6. Apple AirPort Extreme,
  7. Asus RT-AC68U,
  8. ASUS RT-AC66R,
  9. Netgear Nighthawk R7000
  10. and Linksys WRT1900AC.

These are widely used routers and the routers are highly famous due to its excellent features and it amazing functions. by using these routers you get the best performance for your devices with advanced wireless standards. These routers are also having the old wireless standards. You can start from the performance of attached storage with the high-performance routers. These routers can also act as network attached storage. If you like to connect the storage devices with the routers, then these are the correct choice for you. These are providing as high write and read speeds on connected storage devices. The routers functions are implemented by using advanced technology, so it can opt for today people and their requirements.

DLink router doesn’t control traffic control bandwidth for specific wifi uses like TPlink wifi router.


Modern wifi routers are DSL routers. ADSL router used with Telephone Broadband connections like Airtel, BSNl, Idea and other etc.

DSL Wifi Routers Used by broadband providers like Hathaway, Your Broadband, Beam fibre or ACT, Tikona and other etc.

WIFI router Buying Guide Online

  • -Check maximum Speed of Wifi router Most of all routers have support for 100mbps speed.
  • Coverage Area 150meteters to 600 meters based on wifi price it will increase coverage area.
  • Cloud storage in wifi routers for corporate users.
  • The Power consumption of wifi router 10Watts for 1 hour, it means 1Unit for 10Hours 1 units cost starts from 2.45INR to 7INR based on your electricity city tariff rate.
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