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EPFO established new unified UAN login portal with tremendous improvement epf scheme by the launch of UAN portal. with this new uan login portal, employees get freedom from employers regarding pf withdrawals.UAN number is the main key for epfo login. UAN means nothing but a Number Universal account number like aadhaar number.

  1. What IS UAN Portal?
  2. Why epfo members visit the UAN Portal?
  3. which services offered by UAN member portal?
  4. How to check balance with uan login?
  5. what is UAN passbook & how it different with epf passbook?
  6. what is the use of UAN card?
  7. How to get Member id for uan activation?  (pf number is member id)

there are some other questions related epfo UAN login portal. Okay, let’s look at UAN portal tutorials by epfo.

How to login to epf UAN Portal?

Only epf account holders get all UAN benefits because the UAN login website designed for pf members only. why I am saying this because anybody can register with UAN portal. but we need to pf account number to link with epfo. pf number allocated if you are employed in a reputed company and contributing every some percentage of money from salary.

  1. Visit the New epfo Unified UAN Member portal.
  2. enter your UAn Number and Password. if you are not had any UAN number. I will show you, how to get the UAN number for your pf account.

How to generate /get UAN Number epfo?

EPfo generates UAN number for their new pf members. if the employment grows then epfo members grow tremendously.

But PF number attached with employment. this will change according to the location and company of your job. if you are moving company to another company then you could lose 12% of salary every month. in the case of a disagreement between you & your employer.

the employer doesn’t accept while pf transfer or pf withdrawal.

Employer Generates UAn number by searching existing UAN number on the epfo portal. originally, employee provident fund organisation India allocates it.

UAN Number Generation by employee: employees are eager to know UAN number to login UAN portal getting benefited epfo services online like pf transfer, withdrawal balance check update KYC etc. In order to generate UAN Employees have to check UAN status before processing if already exist.

How to check PF UAN status?

  1. type UAN portal URL address on the browser then press enter to see the UAN member portal.
  2. ON the UAN login website you would see the Know your UAn status Option,
  3. Click on that UAN status link, then it will open a Universal account number status form.
  4. On that screen enter the PF Account number and verification code some other details
  5. After filling the required details pf UAN login portal.
  6. Click on submit you would see kindly enter the mobile number to get the UAN number.
  7. You can UAN number by SMS enjoy next go through the UAN activation process.

UAN Activation ways to activate UAN Login?

Almost UAN Activation done by the employer but we need to set the password. these UAN number and passwords credentials for  UAN portal.

You can activate UAN number by your member id. but every epfo member has to resubmit the pf details for uan activation. details may be the mismatch (UAN mismatch in UAN and member id) in the case of the pf account details submitted by your employer. when comparing to UAN Portal details which you trying to submit.

UAN login Activation possible steps:

  1.  login to UAN portal and click on activate UAN or uan activation.
  2. On the UAN Activation form enter 2 required details.
  3. UAN Number and Member id or pf account number (Select state, regional establishment code, and pf number)
  4. enter the captcha code, then click on GET PIN to your registered phone number.
  5. Then enter the PIN click on select I agree to click on submit.

Part 2 of UAN Activation & password creation

After submitting the above details UAN Portal asks further details for the password for uan number. these details are following below.

  1. Father /husband name,
  2. Date of Birth DOB.
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Email ID.
  5. Password in two fields to create and confirm the password.
  6. UAN Number already in the form.
  7. You can also see your company details on the screen you have to confirm that for further uan activation.

click on submit the then your uan activation made successfully, then go uan login form fill the uan number and password for uan member services.

How change the date of birth on UAn Portal?

upload a valid document before making the correction on the unified member portal.

UAN Portal Services & benefits

  1. Update KYC aadhaar card, Pan card, bank account details.
  2. File a request for pf withdrawal and transfer claim process.
  3. Check pf balance by downloading a passbook as pf statement.

UAN Helpdesk toll-free Number

in case any technical problem related to uan login, activation etc. you can visit an helpdesk portal, and create a request to the up fo team.

but the problem will not solve immediately you have to wait for a couple of days. also, you can solve it yourself on the internet forums question answers websites etc.


How to check balance with UAn number?

Features/Services of Universal account number(UAN)

The UAN also assist the EPFO in tracking the job changes of employees.The main objection of UAN is centralising the employee’s data.And decreasing the dependency of EPFO on employees.UAN update the information of employees where they work anytime.various benefits provided by the UAN portal that is listed below.

  • Employees can withdraw their PF through online by using UAN.
  • Employee scan connects all their Pf account to single universal account t with UAN.
  • Employees can transfer the PF amount old account to the new account with UAN portal.
  • Member of EPFO can check the PF balance by using this UAN. And also get SMS to register mobiles.
  • By using An UAN portal check their PF transfer amount from a company.And also mange the PF account with UAN portal.

EPF balance check with UAN

A Universal account number(UAN) will be generated for each of the contributing employees. It if helps to know the EPF status and balance check.Several employees now receive the UAN number.An employee needs the password to check the Balance information in their account.

The process of check EPF balance with UAN:

  • Employees first visit the official website:http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/
  • Once visit this page you see the Login option at the right side of the page.Next click on activate login.
  • Thereafter that you receive a box tick on I understood instructions.
  • Next, enter the Universal account number or UAN number in Blank space.
  • Enter user mobile number.
  • Select the state and office.
  • And enter the Company code provided by the employee.
  • Type the letters shown in the box and click on submit button.
  • Now you will receive PIN. By entering this PIN and UAN ID you can check the EPF balance.

How to get UAN Number:

Universal account(UAN) number is very important for Employees to get various services. Here it is the simple process to get the UAN number that is listed below.EPFO provide unique PF number to all employees.The following are the documents require for UAN.

  • Identity proof-Aadhar card, Pan card or Passport
  • Employees bank account details that include an account number and Bank IFSC code.
  • Address proof- Voter id/Ration card/Driving license.

Download UAN passbook at UAN portal

UAN portal provides many facilities to employees.Employees can check their EPF claim status, pf balance inquiry and download the EPF UAN passbook through online.Download the WEPF UAN passbook facility it is very important to befit for members of UAN partial.Employees can download the UAN e-passbook by UAN.The Employment provident fund is retirement scheme of the organised sectors.

UAN Passbook is also like other financial statements. it also consists Credit, debit and balance details available in UAN passbook.Mainly UAN passbook consists PF member Id, EPF office, date of joining, Personal details, PF transfer details, Total pf balance and Monthly contributions. The following is the process of download UAN Passbook through Online.

  • Go to the official UAN Portal: https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/
  • If you are the first time user you need to activate UAN.
  • To activate an UAN you need to enter the Mobile number and UAN Id.During this process, you will get a password.
  • After completing the activation, next, you have to login UAN Portal with Password and UAN id.
  • Finally, click on Download UAN passbook tab. You will get all the details EPF balance, EPF status and other details in UAN passbook.

EPF withdrawal & some limits:

Central board of Trusties, Employees provident fund (CBT, EPF) these were held under the Ministry of Labour and Employee.In a particular meeting the major decisions taken about EPF limits.The following are the current EPF limits of 2015.

  • From the Employee provident fund 8.335 contributions from at the total limit Rs.15000/-, each month sectioned and contributed into Employees pension fund.
  • And the payment of 0.5% of the total wages amounting the Rs.15000/-has to be done by every month against to employees deposit linked insurance scheme.
  • Here the Employment deposit linked scheme maximum amount Rs.360000/- Per year.
  • If an employee or employer can pay Maximum of Rs.15000/- against pf contribution, they get 12% basic allowance, Food contention, daily allowance and retaining allowance.
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  2. EPFO balance check
  3. UAN epf online transfer & withdrawal
  4. pf claim status
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