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Special Process Undergoing On Ugadi

Ugadi is the Telugu New Year day for the people who are found in the Deccan region of the India. Generally during this festival, the public holidays are declared for all over the country peoples. The countries which will get the holiday at the time of Ugadi are Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh. The name Yugadi or Ugadi derives from the Sanskrit words yuga (age) and ādi (starting) – the beginning of a new age.

For the Telugu and Kannada speaking people, Ugadi day begins with an extensive oil bath. Peoples draw Rangolis or Kolams in front of homes and doors and windows decorates with a thorana – mango leaves strung together. Then, it is time for the preparation of the famous Ugadi Pachadi in Andhra Pradesh. In Karnataka, it is the Bevu Bella.

Following the rules through calendar:

Ugadi is New Year accordingly to Luni-Solar calendar. Luni-Solar calendars consider the position of the Moon and the position of the Sun to divide the year into months and days. The counter-part of Luni-Solar calendar is Solar calendar which considers only position of the Sun to divide the year into months and days. Because of that Hindu New Year is celebrated twice in the year with different names and at two different times of the year. The Hindu New Year based on Solar calendar is known as Puthandu in Tamil Nadu, Bihu in Assam, Vaisakhi in Punjab, Pana Sankranti in Orissa and Naba Barsha in West Bengal.

Prayers on Ugadi:

The day begins with ritual oil-bath followed by prayers. Oil bath and eating Neem leaves are must rituals suggested by scriptures. North Indians don’t celebrate Ugadi but start nine days Chaitra Navratri Puja on the same day and also eat Neem with Mishri on the very first day of Navratri. A major event on the day is Panchanga Sravanam – predictions for the year. This organizes at temples and by cultural and social organizations.

Ugadi Pachadi which distribute on the day is a unique dish with a mixture of six tastes ranging from sweet to bitter. It comprises of jaggery, raw mango, tamarind, neem flowers, salt and also green chilli. This is the first dish that people have on Ugadi day. Ugadi Pachadi has an important symbolic meaning that life brings different experiences ranging from sweet to bitter. Therefore each individual should learn to take the different experiences in one’s stride and move ahead.

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About Ugadi

New Year of Deccan Indian Calendar

why Ugadi as a New Year?

The Indian calendar Gregorian ends with starts with Chitra vishaka jyestha ashadam  ends with palugnam.

Ugadi pachadi Types & how to Make it?

  • Simple, General, Normal and Popular way to make Ugadipachadiis,
  • Take Some water, Add tamarind, Neem flowers, mango and Jaggery (బెల్లము), Mix well and Drink its taste Sweet,Sour, and Bitter. These flavors indicate Happiness & Sorrow are common in life so we have to invite both in next year.

Ugadi recipes

How to make Ugadi Recipe?

  • Mangoes
  • Tamarind
  • Nimbus flowers
  • Jaggery
  • Other Optional like coconut etc.

More details about ugdai see Wikipedia.

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Ugadi greeting in Telugu

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