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Procedures of UP ration card

Ration card is the most important identification card for citizens of India. The Government of UP has issued the Ration Card for the people who are below the poverty line. The families who have the ration card, they can get the Government subsidy and it helps for their daily life. The Civil supply department issues the ration card for those who apply for it.

Ration card types in Uttar Pradesh:

According to their annual income and the poverty line, there are three types of ration cards.

  1. White Ration Card (BPL): This white colored ration card could be issued to the families who are below the poverty line. Those families can get the maximum amount of rice, grain and other facilities at very low cost from the Government.
  2. White Ration Card (APL): The ration card is provided for the families those who are above the poverty line. Those white ration card holding families can get the subsidy and ration items for low cost but little higher than the BPL card holders
  3. Pink ration cards: The pink ration card can be provided for the people under the poverty line. They buy less rice and grain from the fair shops. Those families can get the subsidy and the scholarships from the government.

How to apply for UP ration card NEW / renewal:

  • Go to the website, fcs.up.nic.in and download the application form to get the ration card from the UP government
  • Choose the type of the card you want
  • Fill the application form with your contact details
  • Then enter the details like Annual income, Occupation and gas connection details in the application form correctly
  • Mention all members details of family and address on the form
  • Check the whole details you entered it. After that, you can submit it with the required documents

Importance of the Ration card

  • In India, the ration card and the Aadhaar card are the most important for the citizens.
  • The government of UP provides the ration cards to the people who are under their state.
  • This ration card will be useful for getting the Pension, food security, Relief fund, Aaroghya shree and more available services which are given by the state UP.
  • The UP government decided to provide the new ration cards to replace the existing ration card.
  • Candidates who are above the poverty level like Government and private sector employees with more than the limited annual income.

UP ration card apply, correction, download fcs.up.nic.in

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