7 facts about Valentine Week 7th to 14th february

Valentine Week

Enjoy the valentine week with romance and joy, this is the special week for lovers. In this celebration, lovers are sharing their feelings and provide the gifts for their beloved ones. some folks are propose to their loved once, some of them give special gifts. every people try to celebrate valentine day in a unique way.

  • Rose day is the firstly day of valentine week will be celebrated 7th February, this is the day and beginning of the valentine week. In this day, you can allow giving a rose to your loved one, best friend.
  • 2nd day of this week is propose day that will also be celebrated on 8th Feb. you can propose to anyone you love. Also Buy bouquet, cards, gift, roses and go to your sweetheart and then explain your heart and your love feeling.
  • 3rd day of this week, you can exchange chocolates between family members and friends. Apart from that, this day is most awaited for chocolate lovers around the world. It will be celebrated on 9th Feb and it is an official chocolate day of the year.
  • 4th day of the week is Teddy day and the day is celebrated on Feb 10th. In this day, you can gift teddy bear to your loved one. Even you can also gift your sisters, best friends, and brothers too. This gift is always cute and the best way to express your feelings to others. This week is not only for lovers and also for best friends can also share feelings through gifts.
  • 5th day is Promise day and it will be celebrated on Feb 11th. It is day especially for trust, faith, and promise in each other. In this day, you can give and take a promise to each other and you want to committee support as well as give promise to that person.
  • 6th day of the week is Hug day that will be celebrated on Feb 12th. This is a day to give a hug and receive a hug from your loved ones. A hug can make someone’s day is more special. You don’t wait you can express your love through a single hug.
  • Day of the week is kissed day and it is celebrated on 13th Feb. this is one of the favorite and awaited day among all lovers. You can share your feelings through a kiss to your loved ones.
  • Last day of the week is called valentine day and celebrate on 14th Feb in all over the world. People spend a lot of time to celebrate the day well with your lover, gifts, kisses, romantic songs, talks, jokes, long ride, parks, and hugs.


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