3+Facts about Women’s day 8th March

Women’s day

Women are acting many roles in human life such as mother, daughter, grandmother, sister and etc. They also achieved a lot of things in all fields. So every people want to honor the women’s hard work and its special kind achievements in the career. For honoring the women throughout the world national women day is celebrated on 8th March in every year.

This is an opportunity to appreciate the contribution of women to the society. This is the day to give respect and appreciate to all women those who are the essence of their lives.

In this special day is to honor the life of women, determination, and grit of women. Now, the participation of women in the different department is increased and they could achieve many things in their life. Women have shown that if not superior. Women are equal to men in all departments and taking the tough decision at any critical situations effectively. The day first emerges from the activities of women labor movements. But now celebrate to all women and the day is assumed a new global dimension for women in many countries. Some countries are announcing this day is government holiday for school, colleges and etc.

Women’s day celebration:

This is a day celebrate with special events throughout the world. The celebration also host by involving the people including famous women leaders from educational institutions, inventors, business, community, famous TV personalities, political and much more departs. It celebrates by effectively organizing many different programs such as conferences, debates, speech, women issues, competitive activities, banner and many another type of programs also conduct in that day. Apart from that, the celebration could be including breakfast including other women rights and promotional activities. The special day celebrate to enhance the awareness about women in worldwide, their rights,importance of education,contribution,and career opportunities.

Being women is a very difficult task and it consists of dealing with men. In this day, all the people want to know the importance of women in human life and know the different roles of the women in society. The day also celebrates in every year with the particular theme and pre-planned of the year strength the social and political awareness towards the women struggles and precious contribution. This is also special to know the importance of the celebration and wants to celebrate the day in the form of appreciating and providing gifts to women.

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Woman ‘s is day is celebrated on March 8th worldwide. Why woman’s day ? though women are 50% of population, they are not given the due recognition  for which they are deserved . By less or more in every society women are suppressed lot. this is discrimination based on sex. in the real sense women are no way inferior to men in any aspect. if proper environment is provided woman can prove their  true potential. Rather in any period especially during 1900 – 2000 human society has tremendous changes. because new inventions in science and technology. these are all have their impact  in all spheres of human life.

everybody can grow according to his will and wish. every section of human society including women have started recognizing their potential . the only stimulus which is needed is encouragement and appropriate environment. to create such encouragement and opportunities women ‘s day is being celebrated .human growth index will be completed when only women are also have equal opportunities on par with men. Every country , nation has to recognise the importance of this day and has to take further steps for the overall development . This day gives an opportunity for every society to brush up its commitment for women development.

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